What Can Gamblers Learn From Insurance Companies

20 August of 2019

Winning money from a slot machine is a lot like receiving a hefty compensation on your insurance claim. They both happen at random and make you feel good. The slot machine player and the insurance companies are both gamblers. But in general, only one has enough resources to stay in the game.

To understand what gamblers can learn from insurance companies, you must identify the distinctions between the two. You don’t have to like gambling or be a risk fanatic to benefit from this. Knowing how it works can give you some advantage in unpredictable situations.

Risk Management

Insurance companies are willing to bet their money on every aspect of your life being safe and sound. They diversify their resources to increase their odds. Gamblers choose the best odds one instance at a time. Gambling at its core comes down to the idea that all involved parties want to win. With insurance, you’d always hope to lose.

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When you register for auto insurance, you’re often greeted with many coverage options that come with different prices. Think of these policies as individual bets you placed against the company. There is even an auto insurance calculator Ontario’s Brokerlink provides for you to make the best wager for your situation.

These quotes come quickly; your insurer has already calculated the amount of risk involved. Numerous policies such as injury protection, collision, and accident-forgiveness are created to put you at ease. When you are at ease, you don’t make mistakes. If you don’t make mistakes, accidents won’t happen. When you are safe and happy, you lose the bet.

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Gambler’s Fallacy

People who regularly put their money at stake often fall victim to the false belief that things will, or must, get better at some point of the game. This results in heavier and more frequent betting. In most cases, they lose everything.

Insurance companies also believe things will get better, but they do not expect it. They do, however, recognize your ability to protect yourself. Long periods without incidents would persuade your insurer to lower the rates. This, in turn, compels you to stick with their service to continue losing your monthly wager.

Difference in Purpose

Gambling assigns you with one task: winning the bet. The players seek to extract as much value as possible. Insurance companies offer guarantees. They do not take away your risks, but they reduce the fear of having them. Gamblers, on the other hand, make decisions based on that fear.

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Losing money at the casino is bad. Getting into an accident without insurance is even worse. That marks the biggest difference between the two: a bet you must win, and one you must lose.


Whether you love to throw money on the felt or protect your car and home, you are taking chances. It’s best to always consider risks and estimate your rewards. Drive safe to lower your rates, increase deductibles to save money, and with that money, stay in the game.


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