Why More and More Jobs Are Offering Health Benefits

15 January of 2018

By far one of the most important considerations for jobseekers or business owners regarding employment is that of health benefits. The benefits that are included in contracts for workers make up a crucial part of the job on offer. For business owners, realizing just how vital offering health benefits as part of an employment package is will see your company soar. For jobseekers, it is key to find out what health benefits are being offered for a role rather than focusing solely on the salary.

Why are more and more businesses offering health benefits?

As noted above, the subject of offering health benefits cannot be overlooked if you own a business. You may have fallen into the trap of seeing this as an expense that your business could do without. However, many businesses have now realized that this is the wrong attitude to take.

Here are a few good reasons to make sure that your business is offering health benefits as part of any job offer:

  • Healthy workforce – one of the best reasons to offer health benefits to your employees is that it will keep them healthy. A healthy workforce will be more productive and have less time off sick, which will benefit your business in return.
  • Better employee retention – another key reason why more businesses are offering health benefits to staff is that it increases their retention rate. If you offer health benefits to staff, they are more likely to stay with you and not move to a competitor that is offering them.
  • Boost your recruitment – you will be a much more attractive employer to work for if you offer health benefits to potential workers. As above, if it is a choice between you and a company that does offer them, the candidate that you want will probably choose the other company.
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Jobseekers should also be thinking about health benefits

It is not just business owners who should be taking this subject seriously but also jobseekers. If you are looking for a job, then this is an area that you should think about before applying for any role. Why are health benefits so appealing to you as a jobseeker?

  • Medical protection – this is fairly obvious but is worth mentioning anyway. By working in a job that gives you health benefits, you will be able to stay in good health – if there is ever a medical issue, you will be able to get it diagnosed and resolved with no fuss.
  • Financial protection – as well as looking after your physical health, health benefits in a job will also protect you and your family financially. Even a CEO on a six-figure salary could be hit hard by a serious medical issue without the right insurance in place. By working in a job that offers this type of protection, you are looking after your financial future.
  • Sign of a caring employer – most jobseekers will be looking at the company that they are applying to as well as the role itself. If you see that an employer includes health benefits as part of the advertised job, then it is a sign that they care about their staff and are most likely good to work for.
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What are the most common medical issues today?

Your health benefits will protect you if you pick up some of the more common medical issues in modern society. Diabetes is currently one of the more visible illnesses from which people suffer. This is where your body cannot process or use sugar properly. Symptoms of diabetes can include fatigue, weight loss, and extreme thirst. It is also wise to get tested for diabetes if you have a family history of it, are obese, or are over 45 years of age. Find out more about diabetes testing here and what is involved with having a diabetes test.

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Other common medical issues include heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, and pneumonia. All these are serious and may cost a lot of money in medical fees. This is why having adequate health insurance as part of any job is so important.

It makes perfect business sense

Whether you are a business owner or are looking for work, it is vital to be fully aware of why health benefits are so essential. More and more companies are now including them as part of their job packages as it makes perfect business sense. As a jobseeker, it really is not worth taking the risk of working in a job that does not look after you in this way. Illness can strike at any time, so having the peace of mind to know that you are covered is something that cannot be discounted.

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